ItemÇıkıcak ItemOran
Chitin Shell Boots(+1)%1.5
Rogue Chitin Shell Pauldron(+1)%1.5
Rogue Chitin Shell Pads(+1)%1.5
Rogue Chitin Shell Helmet(+1)%1.5
Rogue Chitin Shell Gauntlets(+1)%1.6
Rogue Chitin Shell Boots(+1)%1.55
Complete Robe(+1)%1.6
Complete Pants(+1)%1.6
Complete Helmet(+1)%1.6
Complete Glove(+1)%1.6
Complete Boots(+1)%1.6
Priest Chitin Shell Pauldron(+1)%1.6
Priest Chitin Shell Pads(+1)%1.6
Priest Chitin Shell Helmet(+1)%1.6
Priest Chitin Shell Gauntlets(+1)%1.6
Priest Chitin Shell Boots(+1)%1.6
Blessed Upgrade Scroll%1
Weapon Enchant Scroll%5
Armor Enchant Scroll%5
Minotaur's Earrings%0.01
Cockatrice's Earrings%0.01
Blade Axe(+1)%1.5
Iron Impact(+1)%1.5
Totemic Spear(+1)%1.5
Iron Bow(+1)%1.5
Elixir Staff(+1)%1.5
Priest Impact(+1)%1.5
Chitin Shell Pauldron(+1)%1.5
Chitin Shell Pads(+1)%1.5
Chitin Shell Helmet(+1)%1.5
Chitin Shell Gauntlets(+1)%1.5
Leech King's Earrings%0.02
Lillime's Earrings%0.02
Hero's Valor%0.02
Legionnaire Band%0.02
light Belt of Life%0.02
Sash of Sorrows%0.02
Judicious Belt%0.02
Cold-Hearted Dagger%0.02
Spear of Murky Waters%0.02
Eagle's Eye%0.02
Oasis Staff%0.02
Scorching Staff%0.02
Chaotic Staff%0.02
Stone Splitter%0.02
Dread Shield%0.02
String of Skulls%0.02
Deep Scar(+1)%1.5